John Lucero


Most recently John Lucero served as Deputy Director, Office of Economic Development for the City and County of Denver, Colorado. There he managed 300 employees in five divisions with an annual operating budget exceeding $60 million. He was responsible for appropriating federal funds and managed the city’s $140 million loan portfolio.

Among his accomplishments, Lucero improved the city’s small business lending portfolio, lowering the default/delinquency rate from nearly 20% in 2011 to 3.5% when he left office in 2015. He also convened the Mayor’s Housing Task Force and led the development of a five-year plan to create more affordable housing. 

Within the past 15 years, working on both the developer and municipality side, Lucero has closed on over a half billion dollars of TIF-backed loans, HUD Section 8 loans, CDBG grants and loans, and other government-sponsored subsidies.


John Lucero has received letters of commendation from the Colorado Association of Realtors, former Denver Mayor (and now Colorado State Governor) John Hickenlooper, current Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, and Tamara Door, President/CEO of Downtown Denver Partnership, among others. He has also received various awards from the Denver Board of Realtorsand the Colorado Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.